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Service Policy


By booking a service with Taylor Maid Cleaners over the Internet, phone or in person you are agreeing to the terms set forth by this document.

Right of Refusal

Taylor Maid Cleaners reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. These reasons include but are not limited to: not being able to gain entry to a home, no power / running electricity in the home, no running air conditioning or heating, frequent cancellations or schedule changes, improper or dishonest booking, project out of the scope of the original booking, being rude to staff or affiliates and / or incorrect or non-functioning billing information.

Appointment Confirmations

An open time slot on doesn’t guarantee a team will be available and / or the job / service will be confirmed.

Once a booking has been processed online it must be manually confirmed. If Taylor Maid Cleaners can’t confirm an appointment, the appointment may be canceled at any time with or without prior warning.

Any confirmation emails which may have been received are subject to change. Meaning, an appointment which was once confirmed can become unconfirmed with or without notice.

Cancellation Fees

Taylor Maid Cleaners reserves the right charge a cancellation fee of $50 for late cancellations.

A cancellation will be considered late if the service is cancelled after 5pm on the day before your scheduled cleaning. Cancellation fees may be charged for other reasons including not being able to get into the building for the service or not being able to contact the original person who booked the appointment.

Cancellation fees may be waived if we’re given sufficient time to fill the appointment slot with another service and have communication with the homeowner.

In cases where we send a team out to perform a service and we’re unable to perform that service, a cancellation fee will always be charged.

Guarantees and / or Refunds

Taylor Maid Cleaners’ 200% quality guarantee policy does not entitle any user of the service to an additional service and / or refund at any time. Taylor Maid Cleaners reserves the right to deny service and not honor the guarantee for any reason.